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What is this?

JBooks is an extract of the public DoD Procurement (P-1) and RDTE (R-1) justification book exhibits submitted by the US DoD Military Departments and Defense Agencies into multiple data formats to allow analysts / users to use their tool of choice when analyzing and/or merging with other data sources.

Where does it come from?

The extract includes:

  • 2013 base budget
  • 2014 base / amended budget
  • 2015 base / amended budget
  • 2016 base budget
  • 2017 base budget

Why was this done?

Two major reasons:

  1. Many people don't even know that this data exists in a machine readable format, and
  2. The people who do are spending too much time downloading and extracting only the data they need.

Since we had already done the heavy lifting of downloading / parsing the Justification Books into resources for FedAPI - and not all analysts know how to consume APIs (yet) - we figured it was a good idea to also publish in other formats to minimize time harvesting / parsing the data and maximize analysis time.

Wow, you guys are smart. How did you do it?

  • Each PDF was downloaded and the XML files attached to the PDF were extracted
  • Each XML file was parsed to pull out procurement line items / rdte program elements from the various exhibits and each item / element was converted into individual unique JSON objects
  • Each JSON object was uploaded to our FedAPI platform to expose via an API
  • Each JSON object was converted to CSV and SQL (coming soon)
  • The SQL was loaded into Amazon RDS (coming soon)

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